Analytics and Data Science

Use scientific analytical tools on 2D, 3D, and 4D data

Determine the where

Simply getting your data onto a map puts it into context, reveals new insights, and enables greater understanding. Solve complex location-oriented problems, find patterns, assess trends, and make decisions. Go beyond mapping by studying the characteristics of places and the relationships among them. Discover new perspectives to help with your decision-making.

Understand spatial relationships

The answers to many questions often require an understanding of spatial relationships such as proximity, coincidence, intersection, overlap, visibility, and accessibility. Analyze various data layers to calculate the suitability of a place for a particular activity and detect change over time. Use the analysis and geoprocessing capabilities in ArcGIS Pro to answer many spatial questions while performing spatial analysis.

Identify locations and routes

Use GIS for site selection based on empirical data. Optimize routing by including your own custom network data (private roads) and restrictions for weight, turns, or cargo. Define areas that have a particular set of characteristics—the locations that meet your criteria can be retained; those that do not can be eliminated from further analysis.

Detect patterns

Find hot spots and outliers or natural data clusters when you use data to detect, quantify, and analyze changes in patterns over time. Spatial clustering may indicate patterns of underlying processes because similar processes often follow similar locating patterns. Determine the appropriate analysis methods and reach reasonable conclusions from your analysis.


Spatial analysis lets you use powerful modeling techniques to make predictions and better understand our world. Gain a clear understanding of the objectives of your study and see how the predicted values (and other associated information) help you make more informed decisions when choosing a method within ArcGIS Pro.

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