Business Planning

A city skyline and a chart of economic data symbolize the Sahm Rule for recession spotting

Economy in Focus: A Local View on the Soft Landing

One floor of an office building represents the CEO and CMO dynamic

A Technology Remedy for the CEO-CMO Disconnect

KPMG, one of the Big Four consulting companies, improves global guidance with location insight

The Location-Savvy Consultant

A diagram of cascading boxes for what-if planning

Think Tank: Failing Fast with a Digital Twin

SERVPRO chief meteorologist Lela Davis

How SERVPRO Forecasts Weather—And Business Growth

The practice of GeoAI represented by a map of locations and routes

Think Tank: GeoAI Reveals a Glimpse of the Future

A sign of the four A\'s of location intelligence

A Growing Company Enlists the Four A’s of Location Intelligence

C-level executives and location intelligence

How Savvy Executives Are Using Location Intelligence

Parking lot analysis with AI

NextTech: Artificial Intelligence in Action for Business

New industries are unionizing

A Modern Labor Renaissance: Where Is It Happening?

Where will climate change be felt?

NextTech: Smart Maps Show Executives the Impact of Climate Change

Location intelligence and business confidence

Finding the Confidence to Grow a Business

Halo forecasting with AI and GIS

Halo Forecasting with AI: A Major Leap in Retail Planning


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