Beth Romero

Beth is a Product Engineer on the ArcGIS Online team.

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Chart Viewer: a new Instant App

Chart Viewer allows for you to view and interact with charts alongside the map.

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Animate data with the Slider Instant App

Slider, an ArcGIS Instant App template which enables the animation of numeric or time enabled data.

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Same Data, Different Stories: Instant Apps Showcasing National Parks

Using National Parks data seven Instant Apps were created to show how the same data can be used to tell different stores.

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Refine results with Filters in the Nearby Instant App

You can now create a Nearby Instant App that enables your users to further refine their search results with interactive filters.

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Introducing the 3D Viewer Instant App

3D Viewer showcases scenes and provides new capabilities to interact with 3D data.

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Configure apps with mobile in mind

Get tips to ensure your web apps are mobile ready.

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Introducing Nearby, a new Instant App

Nearby is a Instant App template that allows users to identify features closest to a searched location.

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Refining search capabilities in your Configurable Apps

Most configurable apps include a search tool, find out how to refine search so your audience can easily discover the right information.

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Introducing Zone Lookup

Zone Lookup is an ArcGIS Instant App that will help community members answer questions about their location in reference to zones. 

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