Diana Lavery

Diana loves working with data! She has over a decade of experience as a practitioner of demography, sociology, economics, policy analysis, and GIS. Diana holds a BA in quantitative economics and an MA in applied demography. She is a senior product engineer on ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World's Policy Maps team. Diana enjoys strong coffee and clean datasets, usually simultaneously.

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The what, when, and how to symbolize by size

This step-by-step example shows how to symbolize by size in ArcGIS Online.

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How web map bookmarks benefit ArcGIS StoryMaps

ArcGIS StoryMaps honors bookmarks in your web maps, making the task of placing your map within your story as painless as possible.

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COVID-19: U.S. Census Bureau Launches Data Hub for State and Local Governments

U.S. Census Bureau launches COVID-19 Data Hub which provides data, maps, and infographics for use by state and local governments.

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Historical redlining data now in ArcGIS Living Atlas

One more resource in ArcGIS Living Atlas to support your work: a data layer and web map of historically redlined neighborhoods.

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Review matches when creating a feature layer from a spreadsheet

Learn how to handle matching issues when publishing a spreadsheet containing addresses or places as a hosted feature layer of points.

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Using ArcGIS Living Atlas to locate areas to promote solar

We combined layers from ArcGIS Living Atlas to identify prime areas for solar incentive programs.

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Presenting breakdowns by race/ethnicity (or any groups) in your maps

A few different ways to incorporate breakdowns by race/ethnicity, sex, veteran status and more in your maps.

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Use a collection of policy maps in ArcGIS StoryMaps

Looking for maps on a particular policy topic to use in a story map? Create a collection of policy maps available in Esri Maps for Public Policy.

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Simple ways to break up text in ArcGIS StoryMaps

Love making StoryMaps but hate looking for stock photos? There are other simple ways to break up large sections of text.

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