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Kathy is a product engineer on the Learn ArcGIS team, and is always on the hunt for a good story or problem that can be solved with maps. For more free lessons and workflows, check out the learn.arcgis.com site.

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Use GIS to help your child understand COVID-19

Looking for ways to keep kids busy during self-quarantine? Use these free lessons help learn about the maps used to monitor the global crisis.

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Detect Unregistered Well Pads with Deep Learning

Monitor an oil and gas boom- use Vinay and Rohit's workflow from Dev Summit 2019 to detect illegal drilling

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Calculate Drone Corridors for Package Delivery

Drones may soon deliver packages- use Vinay and Rohit's workflow from Dev Summit 2019 to explore flight corridors using least cost paths.

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Visualize Regional Growth with Building Permits

Explore spatial and temporal trends in building permits with the ArcGIS API for Python and Jupyter Notebooks.

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Evaluate Mountain Lion Habitat Suitability with a Raster Function Template

Edit and run a raster function template to evaluate suitable mountain lion habitats.

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Protect Your Home from Wildfires by Calculating Defensible Space

Embers pose a great danger to homes that fires never even reach. The Home Ignition Zone outlines buffers of defensible space to lessen the threat

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Propose Wildlife Corridors for Key Species

Optimize wildlife conservation by identifying ideal habitats and connecting them with a least-cost path.

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Edit 3D Features to Update the Redlands Packinghouse District

As seen on the Plenary stage- the Packinghouse District is an up-and-coming shopping center. Edit multipatch features to update the model.

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Examine Global Poverty Using UN Sustainable Development Goals

Children suffer disproportionately from poverty. Using UN data, you'll map where there are high proportions of children in the labor force.

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