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StoryMaps Live! Join us for a new webinar series

ArcGIS StoryMaps goes live with a quarterly webinar series.
StoryMaps Live

Earlier this summer we launched ArcGIS StoryMaps. Now, we’re revamping how we support the story map author community too. Come join us for a new webinar series to learn all about StoryMaps.

Beginning Wednesday, September 18th, we’re kicking off a free webinar series that anyone can join and learn how to get started with story maps. You'll get the latest updates to the product and hear from featured story map authors.

Click here to register for the StoryMaps Live webinar.



Register for the webinar here.

We want to make the webinar worth your while. Here’s what to expect:

A photograph of Gabby Salazar on a brushy slope while conducting field work.
Gabby Salazar
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Why we’re doing a webinar series

We want to make sure we continue to provide the support you need, while making that support even better.

With a brand new, modern product we want to provide a fresh way to engage the story maps community more frequently—and more broadly.

We believe storytelling is more than just a technology—it’s about a whole community of professionals working to collectively change the world. Fostering this community makes the stories—and their impact—even greater.

The series will provide a recurring opportunity to get up to speed on what’s new. Here’s how it’ll work:

We on the StoryMaps team are a fortunate bunch. Every day we get to work with inspired GIS professionals, educators, and storytellers from across the mapping and digital communications spectrum; authors like you who are making a real difference.

We’re a small team and we’re honored to support such a variety of important missions. We’ll continue to do so through personal emails, phone calls, in-person seminars, and hands-on workshops. But we hope that StoryMaps Live webinars will be a game changer to expand how we support your work.

About the authors

An anthropologist focused on community engagement, citizen mapping, and applied ethnography, Greyson researches and designs dynamic, multimedia stories for ArcGIS StoryMaps.


Ross Donihue

Ross Donihue is a geographer and visual storyteller. He uses place-based data to engage users through beautiful, informative, and inspiring cartography. He is dedicated to using technologies to make fresh visuals that attract attention, showcase impact, and engage new audiences.


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