Ross Donihue

Ross Donihue is a cartographer and product engineer on Esri's StoryMaps team. He uses place-based storytelling to engage users through beautiful, informative, and inspiring cartography. When he's not making maps he's likely carving a spoon, making photos, or dreaming of mountains and fermentation.

Posts by this author
Measure the traffic your stories receive with Google Analytics

Start using Google Analytics with ArcGIS StoryMaps to measure your story performance.

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Optimize group settings to share stories like never before

Unlock powerful group settings to save time and build capacity when sharing your latest stories authored in ArcGIS StoryMaps

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StoryMaps Live! Episode: 11

Join us for the June episode of StoryMaps Live focused on queer geography

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StoryMaps Live! Episode: 10

Join us for the April episode of StoryMaps Live.

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Crowdsourcing for digital storytelling

Enrich your story using participatory GIS and crowdsourced information.

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StoryMaps Live! Episode: 9

Join us for the February episode of StoryMaps Live.

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Explore Imagery-Derived Color Palettes in Redlined Neighborhoods

Use imagery and Lidar to understand tree cover disparities of Redlined neighborhoods in Montgomery, Alabamba.

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Using 3D data to understand hurricane patterns

Data shows that hurricanes are increasingly intense and more frequent. Understand how to visualize large spatiotemporal datasets using 3D.

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Breaking the sound barrier in ArcGIS StoryMaps

Learn about new audio capabilities in ArcGIS StoryMaps, with some examples and tips for how to most effectively use audio in your stories.

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