Hannah Wilber

Upstate NY transplant. Content creator for the Story Maps team. Fascinated by how storytelling affects the human brain. Lover of conservation. Overly proud dog mom.

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Planning and Outlining Your Story Map: How to Set Yourself Up for Success

Pre-production is a vital part of the storytelling process. Follow these steps to create an outline that's focused on your audience and message.

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6 Great Stories Made with the ArcGIS StoryMaps Beta

See what makes these beta stories stand out to those of us on Esri's StoryMaps team.

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What We Love Most About the ArcGIS StoryMaps Beta

ArcGIS StoryMaps is here, and it's got us all sorts of excited. Let members of the StoryMaps team tell you what their favorite beta features are.

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5 Tips for Sharing Your Story Maps with a Broader Audience

Here are five easy ways to get more eyeballs on your story maps (without having to spend a dime).

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Our Favorite Story Maps from 2018

In 2018, members of the Esri Story Maps community outdid themselves. Look back on some of their finest work from the year.

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How to Make a Story Map

See how easy it is to make your first story using one of our Story Map templates

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5 Principles of Effective Storytelling

Your great story deserves a great delivery—these fives tips will help you wow your readers time and time again.

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Embed Tweets in your Story Map Journal in 5 Easy Steps

Follow these 5 simple steps to include individual (and interactive!) tweets in your Map Journal.

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Our Favorite Story Maps from 2017

In 2017 we saw more story maps created than ever before. It wasn’t just the quantity of stories that wowed us—but the quality of them, too.

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