Infrastructure and Asset Management

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Modern aviation is synonymous with substantial infrastructure investments. To ensure performance and long-term viability, GIS technology is used to oversee everything from airfield inspections and pavement management to terminal work orders and runway signage. GIS technology helps airports control costs and optimize asset performance, preserving and prolonging the life cycle of their most valuable assets.

Infrastructure and asset management solutions

Inspection management

Successful airports empower everyone in the organization with access to the information they need to effectively conduct daily tasks. This is especially true for field crews that have to perform daily safety and maintenance inspections. ArcGIS provides a platform to integrate your mobile work crews' data back into corporate databases, and to document safety inspections and ensure that work orders are expeditiously completed.

Asset and maintenance management

While runways and taxiways will always be among an airport's largest capital investments, knowing the location and condition of all your assets is critical to effectively maintaining the operational efficiency of the airport.

At Esri, we partner with the world's leading asset and work order management solution providers so that GIS can promote communication and information exchange among numerous business systems, producing seamless analysis and regulatory compliance of asset performance.

Asset performance monitoring

Asset managers must be proactive when it comes to asset and maintenance management. As part of an always-on enterprise, airport managers need to be responsive to keep the airport operating 24/7. Esri technology gives you analytical capabilities to understand your asset performance—no matter how small the asset—so you can avoid costly disruptions.

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Transformative data integration at SFO

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) uses GIS to transform and enhance infrastructure data management, operations, and the traveler experience.

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