Passenger Experience

Create a positive passenger journey

Smart airports put the passenger at the heart of the operation. By communicating with travelers through rich mobile applications and responding to their social media observations and complaints, airports create a loyal customer base. At the same time, smart airports work to understand their passenger movements and behaviors so that they can customize the customer experience. Rich demographic and mobility data allow you to expand your catchment areas and attract new customers. ArcGIS facilitates positive airport passenger experiences.

Solutions for passenger experience

Passenger flow analysis

Smart airports know that understanding their passenger behavior helps them enhance customer experience and commercial outcomes. ArcGIS gives you greater visibility into passenger behavior, providing new insights on how to create the most positive experience for travelers.

Airport catchment analysis

A good understanding of your catchment area is critical to growth potential. Knowing the detailed lifestyle and demographic characteristics, along with the mobility patterns of those within the larger travel area, is key to designing effective programs to increase traffic. Esri has the richest data in the industry to help you effectively target and grow your market.

Mobile consumer applications

Smart airports understand the need to communicate with travelers at a personal level using their preferred channels. Airports can guide travelers through the airport, provide commercial opportunities, and smooth the customer journey. When all your floor plan, lease, and other types of data are stored in a GIS, creating rich customer-facing applications is a simple and seamless part of your digital infrastructure.


GIS: A strategic component of modernization at LAX

Using GIS strategically streamlined multiple construction project workflows to ensure that the 24-hour-a-day airport operations proceeded smoothly.

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