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Regulatory Compliance

Meet the latest regulatory requirements

As civil aviation authorities and air navigation service providers move to the next generation of air traffic management (ATM) technology, a greater number of regulatory requirements for airports are becoming an integral part of the transformation. Airports are tasked with providing high-quality intelligence to their air navigation service provider (ANSP) to support ATM, capacity planning, and other critical functions. Esri has solutions designed to help airports meet regulatory requirements regardless of where in the world they are located.

Solutions for airport regulatory compliance

Obstacle analysis and land-use permitting

Ensuring an unobstructed airspace is critical to aviation safety. With the ArcGIS for Aviation: Airports solution, you can perform all required obstruction analyses to meet all aviation regulations. The solution will generate validated electronic airport layout plans, all designed to help you prepare compliance data for submission to your civil aviation authority.

Noise mitigation

As air traffic volume increases and as population encroachment around most airports continues, the impacts of noise will grow. This condition requires tools to help visualize, analyze, and mitigate noise's environmental impact on communities and on natural environments. ArcGIS allows you to understand affected populations, and it can be integrated with parcel information to support land-acquisition and sound-mitigation plans.

Wildlife management

Airport and aviation leaders have become increasingly aware of aviation dangers posed by wildlife populations near airports. ArcGIS sets the standard among airport wildlife managers for documenting bird strikes and wildlife movements and inventories, and for designing mitigations based on habitat management. The increasing use of ground-based radar supports real-time threat mitigation efforts with GIS.


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