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Airports are situated in complex environments that require careful land use and environmental planning. They must ensure airspace safety, environmental stewardship, and good community relations. Airport expansion requires careful planning and design, access to information, and continuous monitoring and project management. Esri provides a framework that integrates GIS, CAD, and BIM data to ensure smart designs and careful tracking through the entire business development process.

Solutions for planning and development

Planning and environment

Land-use and environmental considerations are critical to ensuring the safe operation of airports. ArcGIS has been the standard for planning professionals in

  • Land and airspace planning
  • Landside access planning
  • Noise monitoring
  • Environmental regulations compliance
  • Wildlife management

Engineering services

Increasingly we are moving to a 3D world, and Esri technology integrates with Autodesk software to bring you the best in planning and design capabilities. You can effectively organize all your various digital information files for easy access throughout your organization. Whole life cycle information management is becoming a best practice among airports, and Esri provides the tools to help.

Construction management

With the growth in air travel, most airports are scrambling to keep up with demand. That growth drives capital improvements and the need to effectively monitor and manage the various construction projects across the airport. ArcGIS gives you full visibility of project status as well as the tools for field inspection and validation. Because the information can be shared in the cloud, GIS enables greater project communication and coordination between the airport and its contractors, to keep projects on track.

User story

Transformative data integration at SFO

San Francisco International Airport (SFO) uses GIS to transform and enhance infrastructure data management, operations, and the traveler experience.

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