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Property Management

Maximize nonaeronautical revenue

Airports are under constant pressure to maximize nonaeronautical revenue to support capital growth and stay competitive. They need to manage their terminal and landside real estate like a business, ensuring the maximum and best use of space while still providing a positive customer experience. 

Solutions for property management

Lease management

Airport commercial managers focus on attracting top-performing tenants. Esri's ArcGIS integrates with lease, document, and financial systems to allow property managers to track revenue trends, access lease documents, and show prospective tenants available lease options in their offices. With ArcGIS, you have the information and analysis to make the most profitable decisions.

Optimal space management

Understanding all your properties is a prerequisite for effective management. With ArcGIS, you can visualize and understand all your on- and off-airport properties, optimize space and facility utilization, and analyze energy consumption by facility and area. Understand and mitigate risks through a more complete knowledge of all facilities.

Strategic property management

The analytical capabilities of ArcGIS give you the power to understand your most valuable properties and maximize their revenue potential. By understanding passenger flows and behavior, you can adjust lease and indoor advertising rates to achieve the highest return. Know your top performers, best position your tenants for highest revenue growth—and improve airport revenues.

Case Study

Location strategy at McCarran Airport in Las Vegas

The idea behind AMS [airport management system] is to put everything we know about our facility and related data in a single, easy-to-use application.

Majed Khater

ERP-GIS Team Director at McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas

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