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Safety and Security

A common operating platform for real-time decision making

Esri's ArcGIS helps security personnel at all stages of their workflow. From assessing disparate types of data and security threats to performing strategic planning and coordinating field personnel with mobile technology, Esri provides a common operating platform that's accessible anytime from any location and on any device. This common operational platform supports collaboration and information sharing, giving all involved parties greater situational awareness to make better decisions in real time. GIS also allows airports to meet Federal Aviation Administration requirements to improve security.

Solutions for safety and security

Complete security operational view

Airport security systems are often characterized by input from a large array of sources. To complicate matters, the data from these various sources is typically siloed and unfiltered. Integrating disparate technologies into a framework that delivers situational intelligence is the core challenge for many security professionals. GIS helps address this problem. By integrating all sensor and surveillance feeds, airports gain access to all their control systems in one place, producing comprehensive security operational views.

Incident management

With ArcGIS, you can capture, document, visualize, and understand any incident in near real time, enhancing your ability to intelligently respond. Whether an emergency in the terminal, a runway incursion or another type of incident, gain real-time data visibility and improve incident response.

Mobile coordination and communication

ArcGIS helps you ensure that your first responders and your security command centers can share information. Responders in the field can provide updates with precise location and status while communicating with the command center in real time. All your security personnel can have the same understanding of evolving events.


Real-time GIS improves incident management at LAX

Maintaining situational awareness to manage safety, security, and operations is complex. LAX implemented GIS to keep airport operations running 24/7.

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Products for safety and security

Esri provides an integrated emergency management solution to support mission-critical decisions with real-time data. Strengthen situational and operational awareness; quickly analyze incident impact; deploy needed resources; and educate, inform, and warn the public with maps.


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