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Corporate Security

Improve business resiliency in banking with data and tools for risk analysis and mitigation that enhance corporate security. Maps and spatial analysis in ArcGIS software improve resilience planning and threat minimization, with tools to understand the implication of natural and man-made threats.

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Thinking Geographically About Security and Digital Resilience

In today’s interconnected world, organizations must be able to operate under less-than-ideal conditions. In this adverse environment, the timely flow of accurate information is essential to maintaining operations. Discover how organizations are thinking geographically about the digital realm, creating comprehensive solutions that bridge the gaps between physical to cybersecurity.

Get help when you need it most

Smart maps help organizations prepare for and mitigate risk. 

Improve situational awareness

Visualize a real-time view of the situation and share it with first responders and supporting agencies.

Optimize response and recovery

Survey and document damaged assets, and coordinate resources more efficiently after an event.

Specialized Apps

Preparedness apps

Map and model potential plans, determine their possible impacts, visualize critical vulnerabilities, and prepare for special events.

Learn more about preparedness apps

Response apps

Deliver situational awareness, engage with the public, and understand the impact of an event by using focused applications and common tools.

Learn more about response apps

Recovery apps

Analyze resources, assess the aftermath of an event, and collect information in support of your community.

Learn more about recovery apps

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