Disaster Resilience

Understand risk and design strategies to mitigate future impacts

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Hazard mitigation requires tools that can assess systemic risk and community vulnerability, design effective policies and risk reduction strategies, and engage the whole community. Using GIS helps communities prepare and adapt by mapping and analyzing hazards and demographics for a more equitable approach to resilience that can change future outcomes. 

GIS for hazard mitigation and risk reduction

Understand where to focus

Mapping and visualizing hazards is only part of the equation. Using GIS to analyze demographic, economic, and climate data helps you assess and understand systemic risk, and highlights where to reduce the potential impacts of hazards on your critical assets and the people you serve to truly build resilience.

A flooded street with cars partially underwater

Develop equitable mitigation strategies

Designing risk reduction strategies that are inclusive of the whole community helps ensure that programs, policies, and strategies equitably target specific locations for more impactful outcomes. Using GIS to communicate with and hear directly from the community leads to a shared understanding of local needs that will enhance resilience.

A computer displaying a 3D image of disaster relief tents highlighted red, orange, yellow, and gray

Inspire action in the community

Communicating complex information—like a household's risk and vulnerability—that affects individual behavior to build resilience requires context that only maps can provide. With GIS as the platform for communication, organizations can effectively inspire action by engaging the community and communicating risk reduction measures.

A computer displaying a map that shows an area with a flooded area


Dubuque tackles flooding to restore resilience

To fix a flood-prone neighborhood, Dubuque planners use 3D GIS watershed models to capture infrastructure details.

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