Information Sharing and Collaboration

Manage public information and collaborate with stakeholders

A topographic map that informs agencies about weather patterns and areas that will be affected by weather systems, and a police officer in a debrief room pointing at a screen with information on it

GIS maps are designed to scale when the public and the media need them most. Give your community the necessary information to assess risks, see where hazards exist, and know when and where to act. For stakeholders, GIS provides a secure, collaborative emergency management and information sharing environment for data, maps, and apps.

Tools for information sharing and collaboration

Connecting people, data, and tools

Sharing information and engaging with your community ensures an inclusive and grounded approach to building resilience. ArcGIS Hub connects people, data, and tools through information-driven initiatives and encourages collaboration that can inform and drive action across all phases of emergency management.

A desktop displaying a web browser with the button to begin a new project, a map with a red zone, and a “Proposed Hazard Mitigation Projects” headline

Provide context to your work

Telling your story using interactive maps, multimedia content, and your own narrative can inspire action. ArcGIS StoryMaps combines these elements to help you drive awareness of key preparedness initiatives. Use visual storytelling to influence stakeholders and provide context during an active response or for critical risk reduction activities within your community.

A desktop displaying an aerial view of a map demonstrating sea level rise in a potential vulnerable zone

Share maps with the public

Maps provide context that increases situational awareness and drives action in an emergency. ArcGIS Online is a world-class cloud infrastructure that allows critical maps and apps to scale, so thousands of people can concurrently interact with them. ArcGIS Online is resilient, redundant, and built from the ground up with security in mind.

A desktop displaying a web browser with a voluntary evacuation notice highlighted yellow and a red zone underneath.


Creating the Dashboard for the Pandemic

The Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard has received as many as almost 5 billion requests a day, providing critical information around the world.

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Products for information sharing

Explore ArcGIS products that enhance information sharing in emergency and disaster management.


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