Situational Awareness

Real-time dashboards for emergency management response

A map of Italy with a hot spot zone and a blue circle radiating out, and a tent with people wearing yellow “logistics” and “operations”

Maintaining situational awareness is critical to response efforts. Manually collecting and sharing data is slow, and the data is siloed and immediately out-of-date. Using GIS helps provide powerful mapping and analytics capabilities that allow you to see what and where events are happening in real time, brief teams immediately, and make better-informed decisions.

Gain real-time situational awareness

Stay ahead of changing conditions

Incidents are constantly evolving, changing the planning assumptions and needs minute by minute. ArcGIS provides the ability to access and ingest real-time information—like weather forecasts as well as current radar, traffic, social media activity, and sensor data from the Internet of Things (IoT)—to support emergency operations.

A laptop displaying an incident status dashboard of shelter occupancy, open shelters, active incidents, weather warnings, and more

Analyze potential impacts to anticipate needs

Understanding potential impacts and having the ability to anticipate future needs is at the heart of emergency management. ArcGIS helps you identify where and when to act, using situational awareness dashboards equipped with real-time data analytics that help assess populations, demographics, and infrastructure at risk.

A laptop displaying a map with a shaded area indicating a potential impacted area

Collect field data and monitor progress

Enabling field teams to share their location and collect data in real time is critical to ensuring they are focused on the right objectives and are out of harm's way. ArcGIS enables organizations to monitor and analyze team members' location, access the data collected from the field, and document what is happening on the ground.

A laptop displaying a damage assessment dashboard and a mobile phone screenshot

Configure flexible-situation dashboards

Dashboards help you make informed decisions, visualize trends, and monitor status in real time. Using ArcGIS, tailored dashboards provide visual displays that present data in an easy-to-read format on a single screen, facilitating better situational awareness. With multiple structure and design options, configuration is streamlined and straightforward.

A desktop computer displaying a community data dashboard


Enhancing emergency operations with dashboards

The Town of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, builds a set of informational dashboards to streamline operations at the Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

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Products for situational awareness

Explore ArcGIS products that enhance situational awareness in emergency and disaster management.


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