Esri's solution for recovery

Getting a community back on its feet after an incident is no easy task. Recovery efforts can last for years. Emergency management professionals need tools that help ensure that affected communities are being prioritized and emergency management recovery dollars are making a difference.

Esri provides you with a set of location intelligence tools designed to help you document and manage the debris removal process, plan and distribute resources where they are needed most for the community, and monitor and evaluate your recovery indicators while providing transparency when it is needed the most. The job isn't over when the response phase ends, it's just getting started.

Integrated solutions for emergency management recovery


Ensure survivors get the help they need

Survivors need access to information after an incident. Understand where your efforts are needed the most and ensure the public knows where to go for recovery assistance. Esri puts your information in the context of location—where community recovery efforts are ongoing, where disaster recovery projects are planned, and where survivors can find resources.


Clean up the community

The process of clearing roads and removing debris from the community is a vital step for rebuilding. But managing this can be time consuming and potentially harmful in the long term if the process is mismanaged. Esri can help you document the amount and type of debris, assign and manage the removal process, and report on overall status to ensure debris removal contracts are fulfilled.


Monitor and evaluate your recovery efforts

With money on the line, you need to manage aid distribution and report recovery progress to the public and elected officials. Use GIS maps to engage the community in your recovery initiatives in a more interactive way. Communicate your progress on the distribution of funds and provide transparency for the long-term efforts to get your community back online.

Real-life examples

Resilient city recovery maps

Interactive GIS maps helped in the City of Santa Rosa's recovery from the October 2017 wildfires.

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