ArcNews "Managing GIS" Series

"Managing GIS" is a regular column of in-depth articles from Members of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA) focusing on GIS management.

How Assessors’ Offices Can Use Dashboards to Aid Decision-Making
By Daniel Fasteen, Thomson Reuters
Fall 2019

Neurodiversity in the GIS Workplace
By Kathryn Brewer, Spatial Relationships, LLC
Summer 2019

GIS and Change
By Brett Horr, Town of York, Maine
Spring 2019

Stepping into Leadership Roles with Help from URISA
By Mark Yandrick, City of Centerville, Ohio
Winter 2019

Standing Out with Story Maps
By Jodie Gosselin, Dawood Engineering
Fall 2018

URISA's PAC Has Your Back
By Glenn O'Grady, Urban and Regional Information Systems Association's Policy Advisory Committee
Summer 2018

What Have You Accomplished?
By Chris Akin, Dunaway Associates and GIS Resumes
Spring 2018

GIS: No Longer the Wild West
By Jeff Griffin, Macon-Bibb County Government
Winter 2018

Preparing for Next Generation 911 Now
By Jeff Ledbetter, Michael Baker International, and Kathrine Cargo, Orleans Parish Communication District
Fall 2017

Moving from Bits and Bytes to Dollars and Cents
By Wendy Nelson, Urban and Regional Information Systems Association
Summer 2017

Making Room for Innovation with GIS Strategic Planning
By Ashley Hitt, Connected Nation
Spring 2017

Establishing the Relevance of GIS in Your Organization
By Toby Soto, City of Riverside, California
Winter 2017

Learning to Be a Leader at the Project Management Level
By Tripp Corbin, eGIS Associates, Inc.
Fall 2016

Managing for the Best
By Scott Weisman, Tallahassee-Leon County GIS
Summer 2016

A Management Perspective on GIS Professional Certification
By Rebecca Somers, Somers-St. Claire GIS Management Consultants
Spring 2016

Making Local Parcel Data Open at State, National Levels
By Nancy von Meyer, David Salzer, and Patrick Santoso
Winter 2016

GIS Data Standards in Oregon
By Cy Smith and Bob DenOuden, State of Oregon
Fall 2015

Adapting GIS Strategy to Changing Needs
By Ellen West Nodwell, Vice President of Geospatial Services, IntegraShare Solutioneering, Inc.
Summer 2015

Building Sustainable GIS Management with URISA's GIS Capability Maturity Model
By Greg Babinski and Amy Esnard
Spring 2015

GIS Executives Meet to Address the Caribbean's Geospatial Challenges
By Cecille Blake, Jamaica, and Valrie Grant, GeoTechVision
Winter 2014/2015

What Has GIS Done for Me Lately?
By Shondra Helen Hogan, GISP
Fall 2014

GIS and Beyond!
By Jennifer Egan, Sales and Product Manager, Wireless Applications, Corp.
Summer 2014

Managing Your Ambition: Contributions to Professional Organizations
By Ryan E. Bowe, GISP, and Wendy Peloquin, GISP, n Systems Association
Spring 2014

Managing GIS Operations for Snow Removal for the City of Columbus—Warrior Style
By Darlene Magold Scott, GISP
Winter 2013/2014

Collaborating Regionally Is Vital to GIS Management in Rural Settings
By Greg Newkirk, GIS Manager, Fremont County, and Adjunct Faculty, Brigham Young University-Idaho
Fall 2013

The Data Miner's Quest: Drilling for and Refining GIS Data as the GIS Manager
By Alicia Gayle, GIS Manager, National Works Agency, Jamaica
Spring 2013

The Geo-Jargon Guide to GIS Leadership
By Rachel Kornak, GISP, URISA's Vanguard Cabinet
Winter 2012/2013

Geospatial Society, the GIS Profession, and URISA's GIS Management Institute
By Greg Babinski, GISP, Finance and Marketing Manager, King County GIS Center, URISA President
Fall 2012

Avoiding Last-Minute Metadata Misery
By Ryan E. Bowe, GISP, GIS Technician II, Photo Science, Inc., and April H. Davis, GISP, GIS Analyst III, Southwest Florida Water Management District
Summer 2012

GIS Matters in 2012!
By Kathryn McSorley, GIS Specialist, Bergen County, New Jersey
Spring 2012

Zen and the Art of GIS Communication
By Brandon B. Brown, GIS Administrator, City of Dublin, Ohio
Winter 2011/2012

Delivering GIS in a Period of Unsustainable Growth
By Corey Halford, Information Technology Team Leader, Data Services, City of Airdrie
Fall 2011

Let's Exchange Competition for Cooperation
By Claudia Paskauskas, GIS Manager, East Central Florida Regional Planning Council
Summer 2011

GIS Management Scholars: Applying Practice to Praxis
By Dr. Michelle M. Thompson, Assistant Professor, Department of Planning & Urban Studies, University of New Orleans
Spring 2011

URISA Proposes a Local Government GIS Capability Maturity Model
By Greg Babinski, GISP, Finance and Marketing Manager, King County GIS Center
Winter 2010/2011

A Local Government Perspective of Spatial Data Management
By Ron Stanfield, GIS Coordinator, Montgomery County, Alabama
Fall 2010

Finding Success During Hard Times
By Nicole Gattuso, GIS Director, McHenry County, Illinois
Summer 2010

Thoughts on Technology Coordination
By Lee N. Hartsfield, GISP, GIS Coordinator, Tallahassee-Leon County, Florida
Spring 2010

The Integrated Land Office: Mecklenburg County, North Carolina, GIS
by Todd Wilson, GIS Technology Solutions Manager, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Fall 2009

GIS Project Intake Process: Balancing Infinite Needs Against Finite Resources
by Leeanne W. Pacatte, GIS Manager, City of Austin, Texas
Summer 2009

Interview Your Customers: Take Advantage of Their Knowledge, Expertise, Interest, and Use of GIS
by Mary Lynne Lackner, GIS Manager, City of Aspen and Pitkin County, Colorado
Spring 2009

City of Plantation's GIS
by Ivette Reyes, GISP, GIS Manager, City of Plantation, Florida
Fall 2008

Metro's Regional Land Information System: The Virtual Key to Portland's Growth Management Success
by Richard C. Bolen, Urban Research Program Director, Metro Regional Government, Portland, Oregon
Summer 2008

The Evolution and Use of GIS in Local Government
by Cecille Blake, Spatial Data Management Division, Jamaica
Spring 2008

Growing Up GIS
by Kim H. McDonough, GIS Coordinator, Information Technology Division, Tennessee Department of Transportation
Winter 2007/2008

Listening and Learning: Secrets to GIS Success
by F. Peirce Eichelberger, GIS Manager, Chester County, Pennsylvania
Fall 2007

Redefining the "Killer App"
by Scott Oppmann, Oakland County, Michigan, Manager, Application Services Division, Oakland County Information Technology
Summer 2007

From Governance to Action
by George Horning, King County, Washington, GIS Program Manager
Spring 2007

Enterprise GIS—Some Keys to Success
by Dianne Haley, URISA Past President
Winter 2006/2007