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October - December 2004
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  Focus Departments
Working Together Protecting the Environment
The shared history of GIS and environmental protection
Prioritizing Acid Mine Drainage Stream Remediation
Planning and coordinating water pollution response
Safeguarding Coastal Wetlands Through Exotic Species Control
Louisiana coastal wetlands threatened
Mapping an Underground Threat to National Parks With ArcPad
Earthworms endanger hardwood forests.
Mapping Hydrological Drought in the Great Plains
Index aids drought monitoring and mitigation efforts.

Special Section

   ArcWeb Services
On Demand, In Demand—
ArcWeb Services

Instant access to content and capabilities
Test-Drive ArcWeb Services
Using ArcWeb Services on the desktop [PDF-727 KB]
Customize the ArcWeb Company Weather Report Application
New version helps users work efficiently [PDF-660 KB]
-Get materials for tutorial [ZIP-317 KB]

   End Notes

A Creative Approach for Representing Temporal Data
Symbolizing complex data

   Manager's Corner
Incident Command and GIS
GIS helps first responders.
NIMS Glossary
Mobile GIS Shrinks Information Gap for Wildfire Decision Makers
Providing the best information in the field
Using VBScript to Build Complex Labels in ArcGIS
[PDF 513 MK]
Advanced functionality in ArcMap Expression Builder
-Get data for tutorial [ZIP-2.1 MB]
Powerful Spatial Statistics Tools in ArcGIS 9
Part of the new geoprocessing tools in ArcToolbox
Optimizing ArcIMS Services
[PDF-194 KB]
Strategies for improving response time

The Language of Geography
Jack Dangermond's plenary address
GIS Fosters a More Integrative Approach
Keynote address by Dr. Rita Colwell
Celebrating the GIS Community
Recognizing users' contributions
A Vision of Better Government Makes a Difference
Mayor Jeremy Harris receives Making a Difference award.
GIS Educational Community Gathers in San Diego
Education User Conference
Telecom and LBS Summit Highlights Mobile GIS Developments
Fifth annual event held in San Diego

Automating Work Flows With ModelBuilder at Salt Lake City's Transportation Division
Engineers now have desktop access to traffic count information.
Soil Analysis Supplies Answers to Waterline Failures
Water department solves puzzle of pipe failures.
Providing Market Intelligence for Brazilian Telecom
GIS helps company cope with market pressures.
British Columbia Administers Mining Titles Online
Faster title transfer and conflict resolution
Swedish Energy Company Digitizes Distribution Information
ArcGIS allows municipal companies and services to use a common environment.

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