GIS for Telecommunications

Progira Brings Ground Truth to Broadcasting

Broadcasting is moving from analog to digital terrestrial television (DTTV), driven by international agreements. In 2006, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) developed the Digital Terrestrial Broadcasting Plan in Geneva, Switzerland.
Esri News for Business, Spring 2012

RCN—Strike Up the Broadband!

Expansion across its big-city markets raised a key network documentation challenge for RCN Telecom Services, LLC, based in Princeton, New Jersey.

ArcNews, Spring 2012

Telecommunications Technology Revolution

Today's telecommunications networks involve a growing number of choices of technologies for use in the outside plant. To accommodate varying technologies, engineers need new tools for planning and design.

Esri Insider, September 2012

SRP Simplifies Fiber Backhaul Connection

With its 1,600-route-mile fiber network, SRP Telecom is in an ideal position to fulfill the needs of cellular companies looking to upgrade backhaul capacity in Phoenix, Arizona.

Esri News for Telecommunications, 2013

Digital West Aims to Grow Its Fiber Network

At Digital West Networks, Inc., a data communications provider based in San Luis Obispo, California, operators needed a technology system to support the company's regional fiber build-out project.

Esri News for Telecommunications, 2013

Using Mobile GIS, Bell Aliant Improves Its Delivery of Fiber Optics to Its Customers

Bell Aliant, the leading fiber-optic service provider in Canada, set a goal to offer Fiber to the Premises (FTTP) technology to more than 650,000 customers by the end of 2012.
ArcNews, Winter 2012/2013
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As you compete across traditional geographic boundaries with an evolving product lineup, you need tools that give you an advantage in a dynamic market. GIS technology gives you the right tools to solve business challenges and gain a competitive edge.

GIS provides a common platform for integrating your information across departments. With GIS, you can examine work processes while incorporating external data such as demographics and market trends. Tools for quantitative analysis and visualization help you systematically model, measure, and visualize issues in your network planning and engineering, marketing and sales, and customer care departments.

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