Friday, August 3rd
9401 E Panorama Cir, Englewood CO, 80112
1st Floor 9401 Conference Rooms

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Announcing Comcast's 4th Annual GIS DAY
Success and Our Future with GIS

You’ve heard about GIS, so what is it? Take a break to learn about the mobile, web, and desktop technology that’s making Comcast better at customer service, faster at internal communications, stronger at decision-making, and even more of a competitive leader.

Learn how our team has fortified our service offerings with instant review of entire commercial areas for costing and payback (SPECTRUM 6 and Network Routing) and real-time dashboards.

Circulating the latest mission-critical information. These technologies are only growing.

That’s why August 3 is your time to explore the measurable successes and visionary future of GIS at Comcast.

For inquiries, please email GIS Manager Kevin Gorham.

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