Wednesday, August 16th
3055 Comcast Place, Livermore, CA 94551
(Bldg. B, Founders Suite)

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Announcing Comcast's 3rd Annual GIS DAY
Success and Our Future with GIS

You've heard about GIS, so what is it? Take a break to learn about the mobile, web, and desktop technology that’s making Comcast better at customer service, faster at internal communications, stronger at decision-making, and even more of a competitive leader.

Learn how our team has fortified our service offerings with instant review of entire commercial areas for costing and payback (SPECTRUM 6) and real-time dashboards. Circulating the latest mission-critical information. These technologies are only growing.

That's why August 16 is your time to explore the measurable successes and visionary future of GIS at Comcast.

For inquiries, please email GIS Manager Martina Gomez.