System Requirements

ArcGIS for Desktop contains two main applications, ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro.
Each application has unique requirements. View the complete lists below.

ArcMap System Requirements

ArcGIS Pro System Requirements

Want to Virtualize your ArcGIS for Desktop Software?

Both ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro can provide an excellent user experience in virtualized environments.
Each application has unique requirements. Visit the system requirements links above for details.

Learn more about the all-in-one ArcGIS for Desktop Virtualization Dell Appliance.

For more details about virtualization, download the Virtualization of ArcGIS Pro white paper.

Looking to Install ArcGIS on an Apple Computer?

If you have an Apple computer running Windows, you can install ArcGIS for Desktop using
VMWare, BootCamp, or Parallels. Learn more.

Please note that ArcGIS for Desktop is not certified or supported on the Mac operating system.