An office with couches and two workers could be a candidate for adaptive reuse

As Office Occupancy Falls, Adaptive Reuse Drives Real Estate

Workplace wellness is a factor in office settings like this

Meeting the New Need for Workplace Wellness

A low-staff hotel helps guests serve themselves

For Low-Staff Hotels, Location Intelligence Elevates the Guest Experience

Manufacturing executives need visibility into this kind of processing facility

Geography Affects Executive Priorities on ESG, Tech

At an office building like this, indoor location intelligence helps people navigate spaces

The Post-COVID Office Takes Shape

COVID relief funds are available for California renters like these

Location Awareness Speeds Pandemic Relief Funds to Renters

Workforce analysis has become more digital during the pandemic

How Companies Can Find Talent in a Post-COVID World

A drop in business travel produces empty airports like this one

Massive Drop in Business Travel Could Be Permanent

Doses like this must be protected in the vaccine cold chain

COVID-19 Vaccines, an Urgent Global Need, and a Supply Chain Challenge

Dark stores like this one could be the future of retail

NextTech: Finding the Best Locations for Dark Stores

Carless cities welcome pedestrians, bikes, and new business opportunities

Car-Free Cities: Are Businesses Ready?

A small business like this faces economic pain during COVID-19

A Small Business Trend Big Business Can’t Afford to Overlook

Crowds of shoppers explore brick and mortar retail

Gaining Retail Advantage in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Executive wellbeing in focus for this office worker

COVID-19 Inspires Rethink of Corporate, Personal Priorities

Companies are prioritizing inclusion in the hiring process

Hiring for Equity and Inclusion during a Pandemic

DNA can now be mapped in GIS software

A Breakthrough Way to Map DNA?

Retail businesses need to change their practices as the reopen

Five Things Retailers Should Consider When They Reopen

Digital transformation produced this GIS dashboard for Business Sweden

Digital Transformation Helps Swedish Council Advise Clients during Pandemic

A mobile phone for cashless transactions

Questioning a Cashless Future

A map showing COVID-19 cases and smartphone ownership

This Map Indicates Where Business Reopenings Could Pose COVID-19 Risk

Bass Pro Shops locations like this used location intelligence during COVID-19

Inside Bass Pro Shops’ Path to Business Continuity during COVID-19

creating a map for reopening the office

Think Tank: How to Reopen the Workplace during COVID-19

A rearranged supply chain represented by puzzle pieces

Will COVID-19 Rearrange the Global Supply Chain?

A city with pedestrians and shoppers returning

COVID-19: Balancing Response and Recovery


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