Fast Four

A world population map signifies the rise in demand created by a growing population

Fast Four: Supplying an Insatiable Demand

Tracking scope 3 emissions means understanding the supply chain on maps and dashboards

Fast Four: Exposing the Myths of Scope 3 Emissions

Retail crime represented by a security camera at a store

Fast Four: Addressing Retail Crime

A 3D model of a wellpad in the oil and gas industry

Fast Four: New Questions for Oil and Gas Companies

A map of a logistics and transportation route with various routes, stops

Fast Four—Moving Logistics Beyond Route Optimization

A map showing sample territory management data for a manufacturer

Fast Four—Manufacturing an Advantage

A map shows lines connecting supply chain locations worldwide

Fast Four: Toward a Nimble Supply Chain

Twelve wind turbines generate renewable energy in a hilly area

Fast Four: Renewing the Energy Outlook

A map of the US banking industry shows income disparities and banking opportunities

Fast Four: Banking on Smart Analytics

A map of retail locations with green and red dots

Fast Four: Old Meets New in Modern Retailing

A utility sector map shows gas service to homes

Fast Four: Utilities Juggle Resilience, Net-Zero Goals

A digital view of a bridge across a river, fit for an AEC company

Fast Four: With Infrastructure in Focus, the AEC Industry Innovates


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