Tanu Hoque

Tanu is a product engineer on Esri Mapping Team focusing on map service, print service, and ArcGIS Pro. He also works on spatio-temporal analysis, spatial aggregation and real-time data. Tanu’s background includes a masters in Urban Planning from University of Akron, Ohio, USA and a bachelor degree from Khulna University, Bangladesh, and worked as GIS Coordinator in City of West Springfield, and GIS Specialist in a hydrology modeling center in Bangladesh before joining Esri.

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Build, Analyze, and Filter Catalog Layers in ArcGIS Pro

ArcGIS Pro 3.1 introduces a new layer type—catalog layers—and this blog covers how they could be used in your analytic workflows.

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How to author a feature layer to show current ( ‘in last xx days’ ) or previous locations in ArcGIS Pro and share as a map service

Blog shows how to use just one layer to display latest/current locations by default and switch it to mode to play back all previous locations

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Generate trajectories/paths for hurricanes on the fly from their point locations

This blog describes a method to create lines from point features on the fly using enterprise database capabilities.

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ArcGIS Online Map Viewer supports date-time data off multiple time zones in a single layer

ArcGIS Online map viewer and ArcGIS API for JavaScript 4.21 support unknown time zone allowing to serve data from multiple time zones in a layer.

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Make Aggregation Query Layer – a new geoprocessing tool to compute and view dynamic summary statistics from related records

A geoprocessing tool to compute summary statistics dynamically from a related table, and visualize results by joining them to a spatial table.

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Working with Online feature service date-time attributes in non-UTC time zones in ArcGIS Pro

The blog describes how the owner can display date-time values from an ArcGIS Online feature service in their local time zone.

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Working and sharing the latest from a live data in ArcGIS Pro

This article shows how you can use ArcGIS Pro to visualize and share the latest state from continuously updated data.

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How to map New York Times coronavirus time series data in ArcGIS Pro

A few easy steps to see the spread of coronavirus over time in the USA using ArcGIS Pro and its time, 3D and python scripting capabilities.

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Visualize US county polygons with latest coronavirus cases in ArcGIS Pro

A simple technique in ArcGIS Pro to join coronavirus cases with US county polygons and update it hourly.

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