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What’s New in the ArcGIS Earth Mobile App (August 2021)

ArcGIS Earth mobile users got a major update for ArcGIS Earth on iOS and Android in January 2021, and we’re excited to now be rolling out another major release that includes improvements to GPS track recording, a new quick-start feature allowing users to browse and explore data hosted on ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Enterprise. Read on for all the highlights on what’s new in this release.

ArcGIS Earth Mobile 1.4 - Landscape Recording

Improved Experience for Adding Data

A major benefit of ArcGIS Earth is the ability to add and work with data from multiple sources including ArcGIS Living Atlas, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Enterprise. In this new release of ArcGIS Earth mobile, this workflow has been redesigned so that users can now preview and add multiple data sets without leaving the search result list in the portal, making for a smoother and more convenient user experience.

When adding and previewing content on the scene, you can easily add the current data to My Favorites with one tap when signed in to ArcGIS Online or ArcGIS Enterprise:


To learn more about adding and working with data from ArcGIS Living Atlas, check out our Learn ArcGIS lesson for a step-by-step guide.

Recommended Online Content

The ArcGIS Earth mobile app now provides highlighted online content recommendations for you to explore when launching the app:


Customize Shareable Cards from Recorded GPS Tracks

When framing your recorded GPS tracks as a sharable card, users can now choose a custom view and attach an elevation profile:


New GPS Tracks Style

ArcGIS Earth Mobile 1.4 - GPS Preview

Starting with our January 2021 release of ArcGIS Earth mobile, users gained the ability to record tracks based on GPS location captured on a mobile device. Once a GPS track is successfully recorded, users can view and replay it on the scene, frame it as a shareable card, export it as a KMZ file, or upload it to ArcGIS Enterprise and ArcGIS Online.

This latest release introduces new footprint style while viewing recorded GPS tracks:

Footprint Symbol

Additional Features and Enhancements

We’re thrilled to share these improvements with our ArcGIS Earth mobile users and are looking forward to adding many more in the future. Users can download the latest versions of ArcGIS Earth mobile and desktop on our website, and find the mobile apps on the App Store and Google Play. For free resources and training materials, and visit the ArcGIS Earth Resources page. And as always, we love to hear user feedback and encourage users to get involved in the ArcGIS Earth Esri Community.

About the authors

Cici is the lead product engineer on the ArcGIS Earth team, designing and improving intuitive 3D capabilities and workflows to support Esri users.


Avonlea Fotheringham is a Product Marketing Manager for ArcGIS CityEngine and Esri's Extended Reality capability, using her passion for language and design to evangelize GIS to the world. She is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, where she uses her free time to organize an annual international poetry festival.


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