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What's New in ArcGIS Business Analyst (June 2019)


The newest release of ArcGIS Business Analyst has arrived just in time for the 2019 Esri User Conference! There are many updates arriving with this release, but we’ve compiled the key highlights below.

We’re covering the full ArcGIS Business Analyst suite in this blog, so we have added some anchor links for easy browsing.


ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App

Updated 2019/2024 US Demographics Online Data

Every year, Esri’s Demographic Data Development team releases an annual update of US demographic data; this year is no exception.

Here are the demographic and data updates that are now in the Business Analyst Web App:

Read more about all of the data updates in our What’s New in Esri Demographics (June 2019) blog.

Full US Color-coded map showing dependency ratio state

Use Historical Data

Many Business Analyst users have asked for the ability to use historical data in their workflows. We listened, and we’re excited to bring this feature to you.

Users can now access historical data for the US population, households, and housing units. With this, you can easily create infographics, charts, or maps to understand demographic trends in an area. Here’s an example:

Custom infographic in Business Analyst showing change over time.
Use historical data to understand how areas of interest have changed over time.

ArcGIS Business Analyst and Esri Story Maps

Ready for a brand new workflow? ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App users can now add sites, maps, infographics, and reports in interactive Esri Story Maps in just a few clicks. Select one of the four starter Story Map templates, choose your sites, configure items for the sites (attributes, notes, infographics, reports, etc.), and watch as all of your selected content is added to a Story Map. You can further customize the story map using the Esri Story Maps building experience, too!

This workflow is a great way to share your beautiful, custom infographics and other Business Analyst content. With Esri Story Maps, there’s no better way to serve polished creative assets directly to the audiences that need them most.

Workflow in Business Analyst to share results as a Story Map.
Create beautiful, custom content in Business Analyst then share it with Esri Story Maps.

Import and Map Geographic Boundaries

Many businesses need to understand specific geographic areas, some conforming to predetermined boundaries (zip codes, counties, etc.) while others are designed based on experience or instinct (I know, I know… but some people still do this and sometimes, that’s okay). Regardless of how a geographic boundary is created or identified, we all need to be able to do an analysis of these specific areas. With this release, the new Import File workflow allows users to import their boundaries. Simply select the Geographic Boundaries option when importing a spreadsheet, choose which column has the boundary information, and then generate the map.

Three geographic boundaries shown in the Business Analyst Web App

Improved Menu Structure

With this release, you’ll notice a brand new menu structure and renaming that’s bringing two new menus with it: Add Data, Create Maps, Define Areas, Run Analysis, and Share Results. We’ve organized common workflows to help you navigate to them quicker, and ordered them in the way they are used in your work.

Please note that none of the existing menus and their workflows will be removed.

For those that are very familiar with the existing structure, here’s how the tools have moved:

As ArcGIS Business Analyst Web App continues to grow, adding and improving functionality along the way, we feel that these five menu topics will help to better organize, order, and house all of the tools and workflows.

Former and New Menu Structures in Business Analyst
A brand new menu structure in Business Analyst Web App.



Business Analyst Widget for Web AppBuilder

The ArcGIS Business Analyst team has created a brand new widget for Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS! This new widget gives users the power to use infographics and classic reports in their Web AppBuilder applications. Access the dozens of starter infographic and classic report templates created by Esri or any of the custom templates created by you or others in your organization.

Business Analyst infographics used with a map of southern California.
Access Business Analyst infographic templates and reports right inside Web AppBuilder for ArcGIS.



Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro

Search for Businesses and Facilities

A brand new interactive workflow has been added to the Business Analyst extension for ArcGIS Pro! Users can now search and filter businesses or facilities for a better understanding of what’s in an area of interest. Here’s an example:

Of course, we’re not done after just adding this search functionality. We have also added a companion geoprocessing tool to automate this work through models and scripting.

New businesses and facilities workflow in ArcGIS Pro
Search through Esri's businesses and facilities data for use right inside ArcGIS Pro.

New Sharing Options for Infographics

We know how important it is for our users to be able to share their work with their teams, customers, managers, and communities. That’s why with this update we’ve added the option to print and export your Business Analyst Infographics to PDF, HTML, and Dynamic HTML formats right inside of ArcGIS Pro.

Office market profile infographic with export window in ArcGIS Pro
Export and share your Business Analyst Infographics directly from ArcGIS Pro.

Share Custom Data

In the previous release of Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro, we added support for custom data, allowing users to set up how fields can be aggregated and apportioned. Now you can publish custom data to your ArcGIS organization and share it with your colleagues to map and analyze. This can now be done without having to do a second setup and can be used in other applications like the Business Analyst Web App. For those that are a bit more technical, you can even create new fields with your custom data variables using a simple Arcade expression or with Python scripting!

Window in ArcGIS Pro showing custom data options.
Share and publish custom data to your ArcGIS organization.

Analyze Locations Using the Huff Model

We’ve added a brand-new tool to Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro that uses the Huff Model to analyze market potential of a new facility based on the impact of competitors, distance, and attractiveness values. If you’d like to read more about the Huff Model, check out our Huff Model documentation page.


Lansing, MI area map showing a concentration of data points.
Analyze locations and find the best place for a new facility using the Huff Model in Business Analyst for ArcGIS Pro.

Generate Drive Time Trade Areas

Ready to easily create drive time trade areas? While your trade area is being created behind-the-scenes, our new geoprocessing tool conveniently adds the attributes used in reports and analysis. Simply setting your Business Analyst data source to either local or online is the only configuration needed! If you have a specific need requiring advanced settings like time of day, travel direction, and overlapping options, this tool can do that, too!

Map with multiple drive time areas in the Pacific North West.
Drive time trade areas in Business Analyst is better than ever.

Optimize Territories Using Street Network 

Many managers who create and assign territories have expressed interest in the ability to manage the size, shape, and location of their territories based on street network distance. Street network distance is how far a person would have to travel using a system of roads; sometimes this is also called drive-time distance. This is important because there are some locations where travel distance over roads is dramatically further than the standard straight-line distances that many territory designs use. Instead, it is often better to consider the street network distance. Here’s an example:

This update isn’t limited to just roads! Now, territories can be optimized considering user-defined network barriers, restricted areas, line barriers like a river or interstate that can’t be crossed, or polygon barriers like an existing franchise area that needs to be avoided.


Map of territories with a polygonal barrier in the middle.
Create and design territories based on street network distances.



Business Analyst Mobile App

Evaluate Locations using Suitability Analysis

Business Analyst users can now run suitability analysis on the go! Gather or update location information using the Business Analyst Mobile App, use suitability models created in the Business Analyst Web App, and get the suitability score for the location.

Suitability analysis running on an iPad in the Business Analyst Mobile App
Run suitability analysis on-the-go with the Business Analyst Mobile App.

Access Content from ArcGIS Living Atlas

A foremost collection of geographic information from around the globe at your fingertips! Easily find maps and data layers from a range of categories such as imagery, urban systems, transportation, and landscape and add more context to your work.




We’re so happy to share this June 2019 release of ArcGIS Business Analyst with you. Below you can find some links for Business Analyst that you may find useful:


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