Meet the Startups Improving GovTech at 2020 Esri Federal GIS Conference

February 11–12, over 5000 professionals will gather for the 2020 Esri Federal GIS Conference (#FedGIS) in Washington, DC. The conference allows attendees to explore the ground-breaking ways governments use geospatial technologies to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Join our community and Esri President, Jack Dangermond, to discuss the latest geospatial trends and opportunities shaping government and society!

FedGIS Startup Zone Chat


What to Expect?

The Expo:

Don’t miss the GIS Solutions Expo where you can connect with a multitude of government agencies, technology partners, Esri experts, and focused neighborhoods. Amongst the many exhibitors, we hope you’ll find time to visit the Startup Zone!

Startup Zone:

An innovative area hosted by the Esri Startup Program. Meet emerging businesses with ArcGIS-ready product offerings, attend talks by entrepreneurs, and get access to startup experts for 1:1 questions. Join this passionate community and learn how they are leveraging ArcGIS and how their solutions can benefit you.

Exhibitors in the Startup Zone FedGIS Expo:

Company Description Industry Focus
Applied Ocean Sciences We generate innovative solutions to challenging technical oceanographic problems and get cutting edge marine science and technology into the hands of people who need it. National Government, Defense, Conservation, Ocean/Sciences
Armor At Hand Manufacturer of IoT/GIS connected smart shields that captures bullets and are instantly accessible. IoT alerts others, GIS mobile app guides people from danger, shield movement displays on command center dashboard. Public Safety, National Government, Education
Earthcube Earthcube builds AI solutions for mission-critical applications. Through an automated analysis of geospatial information, the company enables its customers to reach information superiority. National Government, Defense
Geollect Limited Geollect is a UK and US based global Geospatial Intelligence Company, providing a synthesis of cutting-edge data feeds with proven advanced geospatial analysis. We create proprietary, dynamic algorithms within user-friendly software to deliver a new form of timely and actionable intelligence. Our products and services support critical decision-making by business leaders, providing them an operational advantage over competition, lowering operational risk and increasing efficiencies. National Government, Defense
Hyssos Tech Superior Planning with Natural Language and Next-Gen user interfaces. Alexa for the military and public safety for automated wargaming, emergency management and training. Defense, Public Safety, National Government
vGIS Inc vGIS is the leading augmented reality visualization platform for Esri GIS. Using the vGIS system, field personnel can see an augmented view of GIS data, improving their environmental assessments and increasing their situational awareness. State/Local Government, Public Safety, AEC
Amazon Web Services (AWS) Area Sponsor: Amazon Web Services provides on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals, companies, and governments, on a metered pay-as-you-go basis. All Industries
Esri Startup Program Area Host: Global, free, up-to three-year program that supports early stage product focused emerging businesses with the tools to build mapping and location analytics capabilities into their applications. Qualifying startups receive software, training, co-marketing, and other opportunities to help them succeed. All Industries


 Startup Zone Spotlight Theater Talks:

Tuesday, Feb 11
1:45 – 2:15 pm Geospatial Intelligence: Anticipating Threats in the Maritime Domain Geollect Limited
3:00 – 3:30 pm Sketch-Thru-Plan (STP): An Advanced, Natural Language, Planning Workstation Hyssos Tech
4:15 – 4:45 pm Taking GIS to the Next Level with Augmented Reality (AR) vGIS Inc
5:30 – 6:00 pm AWS Ground Station Delivers Data to Esri ArcGIS Online Amazon Web Services (AWS)
Wednesday, Feb 12
12:15–12:45 pm Why Building Footprint Data Matters in Government BuildingFootprintUSA
1:30 – 2:00 pm Smart Shields, Physical Protection, and IoT/GIS Situational Awareness Armor At Hand
2:45 – 3:15 pm Lessons Learned: Deploying Actionable Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Governmental Customers Earthcube
4:00 – 4:30 pm Geospatial Ocean Toolbox by Applied Ocean Sciences Applied Ocean Sciences

Download the Startup Zone Custom Agenda Flier.

Learn More & Register

This overview only captures a snapshot of the activities that await, so be sure to monitor the agenda to plan your trip.

Haven’t registered? The conference is free to attend if you’re a U.S. Federal Employees/Contractors/Tribes, Non-U.S. National Government Employees, and NPOs, NGOs, and International Organization, with discounted opportunities for students, educators, and young professionals, so register today!

We hope you’ll join us and share ideas, discover new trends, and learn how GIS can help us all understand our world and make a difference. See you in DC.

About the author

Katie Decker is the Community Manager for the Esri Startup Program, a free three-year program that gives emerging businesses the tools to build mapping and spatial analytics capabilities into their products. As Community Manager, Katie enables hundreds of startups to successfully leverage Esri’s technology and global business network. She also helps to foster their collaboration with a wide array of organisations and industries such as - local, regional and national governments, utilities, transportation, natural resources companies, commercial organizations and more.


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