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Asset Management

Visualize your assets

Modernize how your utility manages assets

Esri helps you get the most value from your assets. ArcGIS uses location to fine-tune asset management. It provides fresh insights into performance, risks, resources, and costs. Using location, utility staff can discover patterns and trends that simple reporting cannot detect—improving asset management results. 

Align with industry standards using real-world modeling, analytics, and broad access. Create full operational awareness with ArcGIS.

Get insights and capabilities beyond asset location

Life cycle management

ArcGIS connects disparate asset systems and connects life cycles around location. Furthermore, it defines network and environmental relationships while embracing real-time inputs.

Performance assessment

ArcGIS visualizes vulnerabilities and uncovers financial and operational relationships. It evaluates asset performance and activities while predicting failures with AI/ML.

Asset transparency

ArcGIS simplifies data collection while speeding inspection and maintenance tasks. It unifies field and office staff, and bridges workflow steps with location.


Modernizing how electric utilities manage assets

ArcGIS uses location to fine-tune asset management.

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