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Streamline material, fleet, and worker utilization

Electric utility operations management demands the best use of resources. Efficiently managing spare part locations, routing vehicles, and moving to job sites can be a challenge. Lack of optimization increases operating expenses (OPEX) and capital expenditures (CAPEX). It lengthens restoration time and response to environmental disasters. Location is key. Geographic information system (GIS) technology discovers patterns, makes connections, and uncovers relationships among materials, workers, and fleets. ArcGIS connects routing with hazards. It optimizes service center locations to better serve the business. It also reveals the best dispatch of fieldworkers.

Optimizing work with location intelligence

Data convergence

ArcGIS connects IT systems to the operational state of the network. It integrates external information sources with location, manages data transactions, and enforces integrity of network and structural data.

Workforce efficiency

Craft a complete operational picture and analyze field activities in location context.  Reveal relationships between planned and unplanned work while optimizing work plans.

Situational awareness

Present a common operational picture and communicate changes as they occur.  Enable collaborative teamwork while automating notifications to external stakeholders and systems.


Simple scales

ArcGIS provides a simple view of your GIS in the field.

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