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Customer Care

Enhancing your customers' experience

A 3D model of three rows of solar panels on a work campus and a customer using GIS on their mobile phone

Increase customer satisfaction

Empowering electric utility customers to access the information they want, when they want it, increases customer satisfaction. Fast new connections, information on conservation services, and outage restoration are on top of customers' minds.  Location-based data plays an integral role in efficiently providing this information for premium customer care. Esri's ArcGIS provides better access to the information they need, resulting in more informed, knowledgeable, and satisfied customers. 

Strengthening the customer relationship

Customer to network

Connect relevant corporate information systems that pinpoint customer and equipment locations.  Portray customer characteristics while locating behavior, interactions, and consumption.

A dashboard with a map showing the locations of grid performance, billing, tree trimming, and other customer service information

Understanding and analysis

Reveal customer trends and patterns while predicting impacts of utility activities.  Discover new prosumer opportunities and identify target customers.

ArcGIS Business Analyst with a map displaying census data

Timely communication

ArcGIS messages customers in real time while updating new connection and outage impacts.  It engages with direct self-service  and collaborates among external stakeholders.

A gray map with red caution symbols that lists 3 current outages and a total of 57 customers impacted by those outages


Strengthening the customer relationship

Learn how GIS improves customer care for the utilities industry by providing a fully informed view of customer behaviors and their network impacts.

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