Safety and Compliance

Enhancing safety with GIS

Visualize real-time hazards

Proactively managing hazards, whether it is preventing workplace accidents or responding to emergencies in your community, is an ongoing challenge. GIS holds the power to reveal the unsafe conditions that threaten people, property, and the environment for better risk management. Innovative analytical techniques like machine learning coupled with real-time data shed new light on safe, secure, and consistent operations. ArcGIS solutions help reveal unsafe conditions for better electric utility safety and compliance.

Keep your crew and customers safe

People, property, environment

Collect data to support community and regulatory requirements, catalog hazards and sensitive areas, connect responsibilities to infrastructure and surroundings and create a safety and compliance knowledge base.

Exposure awareness

Uncover relationships between hazards and work to craft a complete compliance picture. Analyze historic patterns and present dangers while revealing insights to improve safe and compliant work.


Communicate insights to all stakeholders and convey updates as changes occur in real-time. Enable immediate feedback and transparency while sharing current reports and audits.


Elevating safety and compliance performance

Learn how GIS helps utilities improve safety and compliance with rules and regulations.

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