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Esri's solution for agency collaboration

Agencies who have overcome organizationally siloed governance and skillfully embraced collaboration will tell you the tools used to manage these efforts are of utmost importance to success. This is why so many agencies rely on the ArcGIS Platform.  ArcGIS gives you the needed capabilities for organizing geographic data while providing a user-friendly environment to register and discover spatial data, services, and products. It paves the very foundation for agencies to successfully collaborate in a comprehensive environment resulting in streamlining operations, reporting and providing authoritative outcomes.

Configurable workflows for agency collaboration


Establish a multiagency workspace

A portal is a multitenant content management system that can act as an interagency collaboration workspace. Share data and basemaps about topical or event-based occurrences of national or regional significance. Support users from different federal agencies including GIS specialists, all-source analysts, and operators using web-based capabilities. Connect with law enforcement, the private sector, or international partners. Manage geographic assets and connect end users with useful information products for any mission objective.

Open data sites and data catalogs

Build a repository that provides GIS data to a closed group of security users or the open public domain. Support the collection, processing, sharing, and protection of data across multiple levels of federal, state, or local government and the public. Provide a common foundation for visualization, analysis, and application development. Enable your data for easy download to support any Homeland Security Enterprise mission.

Government-community interaction

Make a safe community even safer, giving purpose to data that supports public safety. Establish a bridge and organize people, processes, data, and technology to meet the needs of citizens and federal, state, or local governments. Share foundational GIS work, help your community collaborate around priority security initiatives, and transform the engagement between government and community.

Develop and share tradecraft

Connect to your data. Find answers in your data. Show, share, and save your steps and analytical tradecraft. Keep organizational rules and processes flexible and adaptable. Capture agency tradecraft and knowledge into repeatable models. Save and share analytic and problem-solving processes, which may help establish preplanning requirements for any given security situation.

Case Study

DHS GII Collaboration Portal

DHS Geospatial Information Infrastructure (GII) supports strategic national security special events as well as tactical mission requirements.

Learn about the GII portal

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