Intelligence Operations and Analysis

Support critical decision-making with data analysis and mapping

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Understand complex scenarios faster

A geographic information system is a system of insight that supports a process-based approach to achieve actionable intelligence. Collect and integrate information with ArcGIS for rapid intelligence analysis. Quickly identify threat patterns, track assets, uncover hidden trends, discover relationships, and enhance information dissemination. 

Capabilities for intelligence operations and analysis

Data collection with field surveys

Gather critical information and geospatial data from the field and populate your intelligence products with that data. Capture data using a smart device or laptop or desktop computer. Design field surveys that enable rapid data collection with predefined questions, easy-to-fill answers, and embedded audio and images. Integrate collected data into relevant intelligence products.

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Identify threats, discover relationships

Use analytical toolsets designed for intelligence professionals. Visualize, explore, and analyze disparate sources of information to produce actionable products that inform operations. Understand your data and identify hidden patterns by performing advanced analytics such as spatial, temporal, statistical, predictive, and relational analyses.  

Digital map and charts

Better support operations with 3D models

Establish workflows that use 3D models to visualize real-world environments and support a variety of tactical use cases. Modernize tactical operations for line-of-sight analysis (countersniper), viewshed analysis (field surveillance or CCTV), and shared operational awareness (3D tactical plans) to better visualize information in the built environment and enhance decision-making.

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Track assets and detect patterns

Enhance intelligence operations by deploying solutions that enable security agencies to capture tracks of field personnel, monitor live locations for officer safety, and analyze historical GPS patterns. Live tracking gives commanders real-time information to support critical field activities and allocate resources based on operational need.

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Use geography to tell the story

Leverage GIS as a communication platform. Combine your authoritative maps with narrative text, images, multimedia, and location content. Whether you're delivering an intelligence briefing, making an after-action report, or holding a COMPSTAT meeting, GIS supports streamlined information dissemination for enhanced awareness.

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