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Esri's solution for intelligence operations

The threat landscape will continue to change and evolve as it has since 9/11. The laws and walls that once separated law enforcement, intelligence, and defense are now constantly being evaluated and adjusted. As new policies and procedures transform security agencies around the world, new technology models built to manage a variety of crimes, threats, and hazards must also transform.

GIS is a system of insight that supports a process-based approach to achieve authoritative intelligence. Esri's ArcGIS platform allows you to collect and integrate information for rapid analysis to identify threat patterns, track assets, uncover hidden trends, discover relationships, and provide enhanced dissemination. 

Configurable workflows for intelligence operations

Streamline field collection

Gather the mission-critical information and geospatial data from the field that are necessary to populate your intelligence products. Capture data anytime and anywhere using a smart device, laptop, or desktop. Design field intelligence collection surveys that enable rapid collection with predefined questions, easy-to-fill answers, and embedded audio and images. Integrate collected data seamlessly into the rest of the ArcGIS platform.


Analyze crime and intelligence

Use geospatial intelligence to plan counterterrorism initiatives and respond to issues such as border security, gun violence, and drug trafficking. Configure ArcGIS to streamline data management and symbolization with a batch import tool and custom styles. Turn spatial queries into conditions and receive notifications in an alert pane when your data satisfies them. Visualize spatial and nonspatial relationships between entities with link charts. Follow tasks that narrate workflows and use production tools to package, share, and print data and products. 


Visualize in 3D

Establish 3D workflows that let you model reality to support a variety of tactical use cases.  3D technology to visualize information about your environment extends decision making.  Modernize tactical operations for use cases that include a line of sight analysis (counter-sniper), viewshed analysis (field surveillance or CCTV analysis) and shared operational awareness (build 3D tactical plans).


Enable tactical tracking

Know where everyone is.  Detect patterns. Enable collaboration. Deploy mobile tracking solutions that enable security agencies to capture tracks of field personnel, monitor live locations for officer safety and analyze historical GPS patterns for after-action assessments.  Live tracking gives commanders real-time information to support critical field activities and allocate resources based on operational need. 


Disseminate and share

Leverage ArcGIS as a communication platform. Combine your authoritative maps with narrative text, images, and multimedia content. Use geography to tell your story. Whether you're delivering an intelligence briefing, giving an after-action report, or holding a COMPSTAT meeting, ArcGIS supports streamlined information dissemination while retaining connectivity and usage of your embedded web applications.

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