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    An ArcGIS Velocity dashboard of the Federal Facilities showing a dark map with various sections highlighted in green, blue, and red

    Real-Time Analytics with ArcGIS Velocity

    ArcGIS Velocity is a cloud-native capability that can help address the needs of federal agencies to monitor assets across interconnected systems.
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    An ArcGIS dashboard named “Network Operations Dashboard” showing node outages on the left and a black map with yellow outlines on the right

    Network operations with ArcGIS

    Access a demonstration of telecom fiber network operations using ArcGIS.
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    Coverage processing and mapping with ArcGIS

    Access a demonstration of Esri's coverage processing and mapping solutions using the coverage processing solution template and vector tiles.
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    An ArcGIS dashboard with editing tools on the left and a green and black map on the right, with yellow routes and radioactive hazard icons placed all over the map

    Next generation network management in ArcGIS

    Access a demonstration of what next generation network management looks like in ArcGIS.
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