Add location power to your data.

Geography means everything to sound energy. Whether you generate, transmit, distribute or consume energy, you need to know where it’s coming from, where it’s going, and what’s happening everywhere in between. Manage and predict outages and asset damage with a fully integrated GIS. Easily comply with regulations, cut costs, and keep your customers loyal with a data system that makes you look smart. Harness the power of location analytics today.

"We have been able to lower the duration of customer outages, improve crew response time, and reduce labor and overtime costs by $240,000."

Chris Folta, Manager of Applications and Integration, Benton Public Utility District

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Lidar Helps Alabama Power Company Collaborate and Comply

Alabama Power builds new lines, improves vegetation management, and complies with regulations more easily. Learn how an investment in Lidar data worked for Alabama Power, and what’s in store next.
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They’ve Got Sunshine: German Utility Embraces Solar

Lechwerke cut 520 days’ worth of Excel calculations with one app. Residents in one of the world’s most sunlit regions find out sooner whether they can push their power to the grid.
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A Dashing Way to View Distribution in Real Time

Managers and executives save time with a simple operational dashboard. Everything they need and want to see displays in real time, with real interactivity function, from employee performance to customer service. Read more

A Solution to the “Not In My Backyard” Mentality

Get transparent through GIS. Sharing your plans and reasoning in a way you control lets you easily take into account stakeholders’ interest and appeal to community sensitivities. Plan a smoother process from the start. Read more

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