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Across the United States, state governments, such as those in Oregon, Utah, Maryland, Alabama, and Montana, use GIS to improve operations and service to citizens. GIS provides a common platform for data sharing, which enhances workflow, decision making, and coordination across the state and with federal and local government.

ArcGIS is critical in departments throughout state government including economic development, transportation, health, emergency preparedness, and natural resources.

Resilient Communities

Governments are tasked with helping their communities prepare and recover from disasters, whether they be manmade or natural. GIS provides the tools needed to analyze, visualize and convey data on disaster risks and impacts.  When armed with this knowledge, citizens and governments have the ability to make smarter decisions that will create more resilient communities. Learn more.

Transparency and Accountability

As a reliable performance measurement tool, GIS can deliver transparency and enhance accountability. Today, states are increasingly using GIS to track stimulus funding.

Success Stories

These stories show how others in state government are gaining benefits using GIS technology and spatial analysis.

Take a look at more case studies and demos.

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