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Reliable water services come from having one go-to repository of data. GIS is no longer your single-function tool for locating pipes and facilities. It’s now a whole platform for understanding and optimizing water operations. Integrate information from sensors, meters, crews, pipes, and more, through the common language of location. Store this data in your GIS. Share interactive maps in the boardroom; push functional maps to field devices. When your data flows, so does your water.

"With GIS, we have saved roughly 50 percent of our time in water main shut-offs just by being able to access maps."

Alan Lee, Capital Projects Manager, Opelika Utilities

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Smart infrastructure management starts with the power of ArcGIS. To face management, financial, engineering, and other challenges, you must know what your physical assets are.

Learn how GIS plays a key role in today’s BMPs of asset management.



Data Collection Goes from Months to Minutes for Australian Utility

Power and Water Corporation utilized the advanced location-based analytics in ArcGIS to conduct a meter audit far more efficiently and quickly than previous methods used.
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Esri Water Conference 2017: One Water

David Totman shares an infographic that describes the 2017 Esri Water Conference. Learn about quick highlights from the third annual conference and the innovative professionals that attended.
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High-Precision GNSS Data Collection for Mobile GIS Is Here

There is no longer a need for paper data sheets, a digital camera, or a handheld GNSS unit. Learn how a mobile GIS workflow makes for not only budget savings but even happier field crews. Read more

Meeting NPDES Requirements with Survey123

The NPDES permit program is responsible for regulating the discharge of pollutants into the waters of the United States. Beginning in 2016, the California State Water Resources Control Board required that systems not covered by a municipal separate storm sewer system permit apply for a newly implemented, statewide NPDES permit. To help comply with this Atascadero Mutual Water Company implemented Survey123. Read more


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