Mapping and Analytics for Lead and Copper Rule Compliance

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Planning for lead service line replacement

The United States Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Lead and Copper Rule revisions include requirements that water utilities identify sources of lead, establish a trigger level for mitigation, test for lead in schools and childcare facilities, identify and make public the location of lead service lines, and plan complete lead service line replacement.

ArcGIS can help water systems staff meet these requirements using analytics, mapping, mobile apps, dashboards, and more. Quickly get started identifying where lead is in your system, validate lead material from the field, and share this information with stakeholders. Esri's Lead Service Line Inventory solution provides a jump start to compliance.

Build a lead service line inventory

Bring disparate data sources, such as property information, meter data, and work orders, together in ArcGIS. Analyze this data to make initial material predictions and identify likely locations of lead service lines. Verify data in the field and share information with stakeholders via mobile apps and web maps.

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Monitor lead service line replacement

Track which lead service lines have been replaced, which service lines have yet to be replaced, and a host of other valuable information within configurable dashboards. Communicate directly and coordinate work with project managers, inspectors, and key stakeholders in real time. Set goals and easily monitor progress.

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Inform the public

Share real-time lead service line data with the public in easy-to-understand maps. Web applications and dashboards that are updated in real time allow utility staff to share the progress they are making with the public. By including this information on utility websites, residents can access it whenever they need it.

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Industry blog

Texas city catalogs more than 81,000 water lines

The City of Plano, Texas, paired Esri’s ArcGIS with asset management software to meet federal Lead and Copper Rule Revisions and inform residents.

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