ArcUser Winter 2024


Meeting Climate Changes Challenges with GIS

GIS and Deep Learning Make Damage Assessment More Timely and Precise

Urban Fires Require More Information and Collaboration

Cities Save Lives by Mapping Communities Most at Risk from Extreme Heat

Using GIS to Bridge Asset Management and  Customer Care

Special Section

What if the Urban Utopia Was Something We Could Actually Build?

End Notes

Tribes in Brazil Fight Wildfires with Indigenous Knowledge



Software and Data

Briefly Noted

Enhanced Interoperability: ArcGIS Pro Supports 3D Tiles

Make Geospatial Content More Usable with the  Atlas Instant Apps Template

Manager’s Corner

Designing a Fiscally Resilient City with ArcGIS Urban

Is Digital Transformation Still a Thing?

Configure Multifactor Authentication for ArcGIS Logins

Developer’s Section

New ArcGIS Platform Places Service Brings Places Data into Your Apps

Unlock the Power of Spatial Data with ArcGIS Platform’s Data Hosting Service


Introduction to Human Geography: Using ArcGIS Online, Second Edition

Addressing Earth’s Challenges: GIS for Earth Sciences

Hands On

A Better Way to Build and Maintain Feature Layers

Five Tips for Easier Editing in Map Viewer

Faces of GIS

Sustaining Public Lands with Location Data


K–12 Program Receives Alex Trebek Medal for Geographic Literacy

Program Combines Theory and Hands-On Learning