Make smart maps your crime-fighting weapon.

Modern law enforcement takes advantage of smart maps—visualized information and location analytics—to empower frontline officers and commanders with better decision making. It’s simple. Maps make information actionable. Esri technology makes it easy to integrate every data type and apply advanced analytic tools for solving problems, predicting crime, and protecting citizens.

"We took advantage of GIS for three primary purposes: improving situational awareness, discovering and analyzing crime trends and patterns, and deploying resources more effectively."

Tom K. Casady, Director of Public Safety, Lincoln, Nebraska

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When Seattle Crime Spikes, High-Tech Eyes Now Watch

Esri technology helps the Seattle Police Department track crime as it happens. The department’s new Real-Time Crime Center equips crime analysts, information-technology experts, and detectives with GIS to provide patrol officers with up-to-the-minute information about crimes in progress.
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App Helps Police Manage “Gypsy Hill” Cold Case Murder Investigation

South San Francisco's IT department created an app for the city's police department that helped officers visualize reports from the field while investigating a murder case from 1976.
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Oakland Builds Real-Time Crime Apps for Residents, Police

Oakland Police Department’s web-based apps transform crime data from spreadsheets to interactive maps. The public app allows residents to view incident reports in near real-time while the internal app administers detailed crime information to each area commander. Read more

Police Data Initiative Aims to Increase Transparency

The Police Foundation and Esri are collaborating on an open data portal to guide users of police open data. The partnership is part of a White House initiative to improve police performance and strengthen departments’ relationships with the communities they serve. Read more

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Esri National Security and Public Safety Summit

July 8 – 11, 2017
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