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Police Transparency

Esri hub technology can help agencies become more transparent and accountable with tools to share authoritative information and communicate engagement efforts with the public. Publish open data such as current and historic crime conditions, agency demographic and diversity data, and information about when and why the agency uses force.

Police transparency capabilities

Work together to achieve shared goals

Police need to work with the community to achieve goals that create more equitable outcomes. With community engagement apps, residents can find their neighborhood police officers and leave feedback about ongoing quality-of-life problems and overall level of satisfaction with the department's work.

Use ArcGIS for demographic analysis

Understand and share information about the diversity of your agency demographics and promote equitable hiring practices. Use dashboards to understand race and gender characteristics and how they compare to the community as a whole.

Understand crime trends

Public crime mapping applications can help residents identify and understand historic and emerging crime patterns in their neighborhoods. Easy-to-create custom reports can facilitate community action meetings and help residents visualize crime trends.

Understand incidents and statistics

See statistics about how and why force was used and learn more about the communities most impacted by police use of force. Help the community understand police use-of-force incidents.

Using GIS for open policing

Data is foundational to police transparency and accountability. Use GIS tools to publish your agency's key documents and authoritative datasets, including crime and incident data, jurisdictional boundaries, general orders, annual reports, and any other key performance indicators that can help foster transparent and open policing.


Police Transparency solution released

This solution can be used to share authoritative information and communicate engagement efforts that build trust with the public.

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