Build better analysis with geography.

As more agencies extract data from computer-aided dispatch (CAD), record management systems (RMS), and all the other police systems and sensors, law enforcement personnel can struggle to make sense of it all. With the ArcGIS platform, your department can derive meaning from large volumes of data so that crime patterns—and the appropriate policing strategies—become evident. Ask questions and build an accurate picture of what’s happening so command staff can identify needs fast and improve mission readiness.

"Through our partnership with Esri, we built a robust, secure, and scalable GIS platform to achieve our goal of empowering first responders, city staff, and residents with location-based services."

Ahsan Baig, Division Manager, Public Safety Services and Business Applications, City of Oakland



Location analysis makes connections and identifies patterns. Turn historical data and current trends into knowledge.


Link all your organization’s data—calls for service, incident/crime locations, suspect information—with one solution. Use maps to provide context to crimes.


Operational dashboards and advanced mobile solutions put analytical insight at your fingertips—from the real-time crime center to the patrol car.


ArcGIS Platform

The ArcGIS platform enables crime analysts to track current and historical crime data. Predict future crime trends using location analysis to uncover patterns. Use a scalable platform to share insights with everyone in your agency.

Learn more about the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online

Give officers and the community the power to perform simple self-service crime analysis tasks. With ArcGIS Online, anyone inside or outside your organization can create a user-defined area of interest, select crime types that are important to them, and create their own reports and interactive maps.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS for Law Enforcement

Analyzing crime is made easy with ArcGIS for Law Enforcement. Geoenable the work your analysts do in support of patrol, administration, and special teams and operations. Access templates that support incident analysis, planning, and sustenance.

Explore ArcGIS for Law Enforcement.

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