Modernize law enforcement operations with maps.

From the command center to officers in the field, Esri gives your entire organization the ability to improve planning, operational awareness, and field mobility. You can enhance response times, coordinate enforcement activities, and better understand your jurisdiction. With map analytics as the cornerstone, you can positively impact every workflow to understand current crime conditions, improve response, and maximize officer and public safety.



Assign scarce resources using maps to view everything together: staff, incidents, assets, traffic, and more.


Whether it’s for long-term planning, CompStat, or daily tactical operations, use the map as your common operating picture.


Better protect and serve officers and the community with intuitive maps. Give a more accurate understanding at the local level.


ArcGIS Platform

Employ the ArcGIS platform to aid your agency in reducing crime. With a suite of interoperable spatial tools and dashboards, personnel spend more time on preventative patrol activities. Empower crime reduction strategies, promote officer safety, and reduce operating costs.

Learn more about the ArcGIS platform.

ArcGIS Online

Give every officer in your organization the power to quickly visualize and analyze data in the cloud. Create public-facing maps that show citizens where and how they can participate in your programs. Build goodwill in your community by showing the results of your efforts.

Learn more about ArcGIS Online.

ArcGIS for Law Enforcement

ArcGIS for Law Enforcement gives you the tools to manage your operations from the field and the command center. Take advantage of ready-to-use maps and apps to conduct field interviews, develop preincident plans, and plan special events.

Explore ArcGIS for Law Enforcement.

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