Public Safety

Ask Our Experts

Ask Our Experts

Contact our team of experts with your questions about GIS in public safety by e-mail or call 909-793-2853, ext. 3427.

Public Safety Team

Russ Johnson [BIO], Public Safety Director | Connect with Russ Johnson on LinkedIn
Public safety, homeland/national security, emergency medical services, hazmat, disaster/emergency management, municipal/wildland fire, and emergency call taking/dispatch
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 1836

Chris McIntosh [BIO], Disaster/Emergency Management Manager | Connect with Chris McIntosh on LinkedIn
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 5219

John Beck [BIO], Law Enforcement Manager | Connect with John Beck on LinkedIn
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 1569

Carl Walter, Homeland/National Security Manager| Connect with Carl Walter on LinkedIn
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 2325

Jennifer Schottke [BIO], Specialist in municipal fire, public safety policy, and emergency medical services | Connect with Jennifer Schottke on LinkedIn
E-mail • 703-506-9515, ext. 8019

Brenda Martinez, Public Safety Marketing Specialist
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 2614

Julie Bischoff, Public Safety Event Coordinator
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 3427

Karen Limon, Public Safety Administrative Assistant
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 2407

Jesse Theodore, Public Safety Writer
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 1419

Robby Deming, Public Safety Writer
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 1021

Jeff Baranyi, Technical Marketing—Public Safety Technology Lead | Follow Jeff Baranyi on Twitter Connect with Jeff Baranyi on LinkedIn
E-mail • 303-449-7779, ext. 8229

Chris Delaney, Technical Marketing—Public Safety Technology Analyst
E-mail • 909-793-2853, ext. 7160

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