Heather Smith

Heather is a cartographer and artist who mixes both practices to express and understand landscapes. She works as a product engineer at Esri, where she writes and edits lessons for the Learn ArcGIS website. View more of her work at www.heathergabrielsmith.ca

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Coordinate Systems: What’s the Difference?

Knowledge of coordinate systems is fundamental for GIS specialists, but there are so many confusing terms.

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Finish Your Map with Layout Text

The third in a series of tutorials on improving the text elements of your maps in ArcGIS Pro.

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Improve Your Labeling Skills in ArcGIS Pro

Take labeling in ArcGIS Pro to the next level.

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A Real-World Education

Middle school teacher Lauren Sinclair loves enabling kids to make great maps.

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Place Text Exactly Where You Want with Annotation in ArcGIS Pro

Learn best practices for converting labeling into annotation in ArcGIS Pro.

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How are maps made?

The series of steps to make a map include collecting, processing, and presenting data.

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