Emerging Technologies

Explaining buzzwords like AI and digital twin in the context of emerging business trends

A package with a 2D barcode and UPC being scanned

The Barcode Turns 50—Retiring the UPC and Ushering in a New Era

Generative AI, or GenAI, is connecting people across enterprises, symbolized by this connected cityscape.

NextTech: Generative AI Enhances GIS across the Enterprise

A road sign with an EV charger icon symbolizes EV infrastructure

New Grants Aim to Tame Range Anxiety for EV Owners

Gammon\'s construction site digital twin shows the design for an apartment building

On-Site with a Construction Industry Digital Twin

Insurers must price risks like this wind event, which is buffetting palm trees

Climate Risk Analytics: The Key to Sustainable Insurance

Business travel is on the rise, as exemplified by this airplane interior

Meet the New Business Traveler

Retail crime represented by a security camera at a store

Fast Four: Addressing Retail Crime

A 3D model of a wellpad in the oil and gas industry

Fast Four: New Questions for Oil and Gas Companies

Densely packed city buildings hint at the need to monitor subterranean infrastructure

New Research Spotlights Need to Monitor Heat-Induced Changes Below Buildings

Streaming cars represent traffic noise

Working through the Noise—At a Cost to Productivity

Could empty office space like this spur the trend of competitive socializing?

Community Trends Hold the Key to Repurposing Empty Office Space

A map of a logistics and transportation route with various routes, stops

Fast Four—Moving Logistics Beyond Route Optimization

Two office towers stretching toward the sky

WhereNext Confidential: What’s All This Talk about the Enterprise?

A 3D rendering represents a retail digital twin for store planning

Digital Twins and the Store of the Future

A pallet of shipping boxes signifies supply chain agility

Experts Call for New Form of Supply Chain Agility

A blue recycling bin symbolizes new life for product returns

The Hazards of Easy Product Returns

A warehouse with high bays represents automation in action

As Manufacturing Automation Increases, Indoor Awareness Gains Attention

An empty apartment signifies millennials moving out of cities

Why Are Millennials Leaving Big Cities?

A weathervane signifies movement of the population center

A Shifting Population Center Puts Analytics in the Spotlight

Twelve wind turbines generate renewable energy in a hilly area

Fast Four: Renewing the Energy Outlook

Office towers under construction could benefit from AEC digitization

Are AEC Firms Ready to Build Tomorrow's Infrastructure?

A collection of blue dots forms a digital human silhouette

Finding Our Way in the Metaverse

A line of shopping carts signifies the retail industry, where in-store technology is booming

Innovating How We Shop—City by City

An EV charger represents varying EV costs by state

Are EVs Cheaper Than Gas-Powered Cars in Your State?


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