Diana Lavery

Diana loves working with data! She has over a decade of experience as a practitioner of demography, sociology, economics, policy analysis, and GIS. Diana holds a BA in quantitative economics and an MA in applied demography. She is a senior product engineer on ArcGIS Living Atlas of the World's Policy Maps team. Diana enjoys strong coffee and clean datasets, usually simultaneously.

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Updates coming to American Community Survey Living Atlas layers (Fall 2020)

In December 2020, the American Community Survey layers in ArcGIS Living Atlas will be updated with the newest 2015-2019 data from the Census.

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Ocean Plastics – “You can’t manage what you can’t measure”

Since the 1950s, it is estimated that 8.3 billion tons of plastics have been produced. Today only 9% of that plastic is recycled....

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Most recent hospitalization and mortality data for heart disease and stroke now available

CDC contributes new data layers for heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure medication nonadherence to ArcGIS Living Atlas.

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How we did it: Creating a COVID-19 data hub

See how ArcGIS development teams collaborated with U.S. Census Bureau to create a COVID-19 data hub. Learn how you can do it too!

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The what, when, and how to symbolize by size

This step-by-step example shows how to symbolize by size in ArcGIS Online.

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How web map bookmarks benefit ArcGIS StoryMaps

ArcGIS StoryMaps honors bookmarks in your web maps, making the task of placing your map within your story as painless as possible.

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COVID-19: U.S. Census Bureau Launches Data Hub for State and Local Governments

U.S. Census Bureau launches COVID-19 Data Hub which provides data, maps, and infographics for use by state and local governments.

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Historical redlining data now in ArcGIS Living Atlas

One more resource in ArcGIS Living Atlas to support your work: a data layer and web map of historically redlined neighborhoods.

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Review matches when creating a feature layer from a spreadsheet

Learn how to handle matching issues when publishing a spreadsheet containing addresses or places as a hosted feature layer of points.

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